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“Team Mad Son” was put together years ago by a gentleman by the name of Greg Longhurst. Mr. Longhurst has been fishing the “Mad Son” since day one, and continues to fish almost religiously every Friday at the very least. Locals that have been coming to the boat on a regular have joined the team. The team not only fishes together but has developed a friendship that is unbreakable. We fish, families get together for cookouts, go out to eat, go to shooting ranges, some hunt, etc… It has become a family, put together by Greg and the boat.

I wanted to give this growing family a spot on the site to encourage local anglers to join. The way it works is simple, Greg takes your number and email, at any event or fishing trip he will call and see if you would like to join, that’s it. He sends out fishing reports to everyone in and out of the state after every trip as well. You will also be informed of upcoming events, such as full moon trips and other special events that we do. If you do so want to join the team, please call me Capt. George @ 561-324-3454

Below are the fishing reports, starting from Oct. 23, 2015….. The top being the most recent.

Fishing Report, Sunday Nov. 19, 2017. By greg Longhurst. (also catching up on the reports by him i haven’t posted)

by George | 20 November, 2017 1:42pm

Here are some reports starting with the most recent. November 19, 2017.      Fishing Report November 19, 2017        The forecasts all week had it blowing hard with 6 foot or better seas on Friday, so we switched to Sunday.  I managed to get three other guys to join me, and George got […]


Fishing Report, Ending September. The Grouper, Dolphin, Yellowtail Bite Continues!!

by George | 26 September, 2017 6:37pm

September is ending, all of us are looking forward to the fall bite. After “Irma” however, the bite turned on for a particular species of grouper. Knowing that, off West Palm Beach surely isn’t known for it’s grouper fishing and or grouper population, you couldn’t tell that after this storm. Grouper have been biting the […]


August 2017 Report. “What’s Been Going On Off Palm Beach” Mad Son Fishing, West Palm Beach

by George | 22 August, 2017 10:06pm

Drift fishing off West Palm Beach has been less than great this month. Our anglers are catching at the very least dinner, where some days are better than others. There are a lot of Mutton Snappers being caught however most do not exceed the 18 inch minimum length. Some days we get a great little […]


Fishing Clips From May 2017, Cool Tuna, Cobia, and sailfish footage.

by George | 31 May, 2017 6:07pm


Mad Son, “The Experience” Unseen footage! Hammerhead sharks, nice dolphin, etc…

by George | 12 April, 2017 9:23pm


Drift Fishing Report. Friday, 4-7-17. Cobia, Dolphin, Mutton. By Greg Longhurst

by George | 7 April, 2017 10:37pm

    Fishing Report April 7, 2017                George had a couple of guys booked for today who I have never fished with before, Cal & Tim.  Despite my best efforts to fill the other four slots, I was only able to get stalwart Luis to join us.  The morning started cool, in the 60’s, […]


Drift Fishing, Wahoo, Drone Video Report, Wednesday 3-29-17.

by George | 29 March, 2017 8:12pm


Drift Fishing. Friday, 3-3-17. Great Bite. Bottoms Waking Up. By Greg Longhurst.

by George | 4 March, 2017 1:46pm

Friday, March 3, 2017. Drift Fishing Report. Mad Son Fishing Charters, West Palm Beach  Well, March is certainly coming in like a lion.  The winds were up enough to cause two cancellations, one yesterday evening, the other at the dock.  George had filled one spot by phone that morning, but his guy didn’t show.  The […]


Mad Son Footage, end of 2016 beginning 2017, Short Clips

by George | 1 March, 2017 10:34pm


Fishing Report. Drift Fishing. Week of January 16th. Getting Better.

by George | 24 January, 2017 10:45am

1/18/17 This was the first day in over a week where the marine conditions were anything better than bad.  I was joined on this beautiful morning aboard the Mad Son by Capt. Charlie, Jimmy Lee, John, Luis & Raman.  The seas had finally laid down, the temperatures were fantastic, and there was a beautiful sunrise.  […]


Sailing from Marina 3 times daily, 7 AM, 12 PM, and 5 PM. We offer 4 hour charters, private charters for 8 and 4 hours, live bait available upon request

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