Drift Fishing. Friday, 3-3-17. Great Bite. Bottoms Waking Up. By Greg Longhurst.

by George | 4 March, 2017 1:46pm

Friday, March 3, 2017. Drift Fishing Report. Mad Son Fishing Charters, West Palm Beach 

Well, March is certainly coming in like a lion.  The winds were up enough to cause two cancellations, one yesterday evening, the other at the dock.  George had filled one spot by phone that morning, but his guy didn’t show.  The four of us were regulars all, Captain Charlie, Dale, & Raman.  I believe Raman was having second thoughts after we got out there, but after trolling a little in deeper water, we went in shallower to find calmer waters.  Not calm, by any means, but nothing like it was further offshore.  Raman actually wound up catching fish & enjoying himself. 
     The bottom bite was as good as I have seen it in ages.  It was the best daytime snapper trip I have seen since…I can’t remember.  Not all of the snappers were keepers, in fact there were a lot of “muttlets” caught.  Five or six of the short muttons, however, were between 16″ & 17 3/4″, which would have been legal 63 days ago.  Those fish hold promise, however, as they may well be big enough to keep later this year.  Two of the muttons did meet the new criteria, one for Dale, and a 22″ 4 1/4 pounder for me.
     The variety of fish was quite nice, also.  Four different snappers, mutton, yellowtail, vermilion, & lane, a trigger that kept & several shorts, a short black sea bass, a pudding wife and a quite large spiny puffer.  Raman caught a kingfish of about 8 pounds as well.
   At one point, after having caught several decent muttons, but only one keeper, I got a bite by what I figured to be a mutton that probably would keep.  I had it halfway to the surface when it was evidently engulfed by a much larger fish.  I could not slow the beast down, and to avoid losing 300 yards of line that the reef ecosystem doesn’t need, I cranked the drag down in an attempt to stop the fish, but the leader broke just above the hook.  The leader wasn’t frayed, so I am thinking the culprit was a Goliath grouper. 
     This was, by far, the most successful fishing trip I have had in quite some time, and despite the conditions, was really enjoyable.  Thanks to Captain George & Rohman for putting the Mad Son over some nice fish.  I think we only moved once, and that was a short move.  We never even got into the fish dip.
     Captain Charlie & I went to Lola’s, where we were joined shortly by his wife Debbie.  Lunch was delicious, as always, & the Bud was cold.  The next exciting deep-sea adventure will be a week from Sunday night.  ~~Greg~~

Drift Fishing, Mad Son Fishing Charters, West Palm Beach.

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