Drift Fishing Report. Friday, 4-7-17. Cobia, Dolphin, Mutton. By Greg Longhurst

by George | 7 April, 2017 10:37pm

    Fishing Report April 7, 2017        
     George had a couple of guys booked for today who I have never fished with before, Cal & Tim.  Despite my best efforts to fill the other four slots, I was only able to get stalwart Luis to join us.  The morning started cool, in the 60’s, breezy, warming up to the mid 70’s.  A beautiful day on the ocean.  The seas were not as bad as the winds would have led you to believe , in the three to four foot range.
     George took us out & a bit south, to a hundred ten feet of water.  With the wind out of the NNW, we hoped for dolphin, as well as cobia, since they are still in the area.  I started the catching with a remora, the same way I ended the trip.  It got much better in between.    
  I have switched my tackle slightly in the hopes of avoiding the loss of large fish to severed leaders by using 60# mono, then tying on a heavier gauge circle hook.  Early on, I hooked a fish that was doing its level best to spool me & take up residence miles away.  I fought it for a bit, but was nowhere near gaining control of it.  Shortly after Captain George fired the Mad Son up to give chase, the big fish got off.  I still, however, had a fish on, or more likely a fish head.  I reeled in a vermilion snapper that was hanging from the swivel.  It fell off, but was netted by Rohman.    The only explanation I can come up with is that a large fish, probably a Goliath grouper, grabbed the snapper immediately after the hook was set.  The beast had the fish in its mouth long enough to knock a lot of scales off it before the circle hook became ensconced in the grouper’s mouth.  The snapper slid up the leader, just beyond the swivel, and stayed there until it came to the surface.  The vermilion was big enough to keep, and the grouper is a protected species, and is still out there tormenting fishermen. 
     After that, several of us were hooked up to & broken off by sharks.  Since there were only 4 of us fishing, the crew joined in.  George caught a nice 30# class cobia that he shared with all aboard.  Tim caught 2 legal mutton snappers.  I am not sure he is aware how lucky that was since the increase in minimum size. 
     There were a couple of frigate birds near the boat for a while.  Luis caught three nice mahi on his spinner, and thought he had a fourth even bigger, but it turned into a bonito.  He also caught a keeper kingfish toward the end of the trip.  I accounted for a keeper mutton and a porgy to go with the vermilion.    All in all, this was a really nice trip.  Beautiful weather, quality fish, and good people.  Hard to beat that!  Thanks to George & Rohman for their usual fine jobs of putting us on fish & keeping the baits ready.  The next exciting deep – sea   adventure will be more than likely Wednesday morning.  ~~Greg~~ 

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