Drift & Kite Fishing, Jan. 03, 2016, Mad Son Fishing, West Palm Beach

by Scott | 3 January, 2016 8:21pm

Welp, this morning was Bill’s last trip until the spring time. Unfortunately the fishing was less than good. We started out by buying live bait then setting out for the troll. Not even a look on the troll. Then setting up the kite in 200 feet of water along a rip that was very defined by calm and rough water, however the water was dirty, but it was a place to start. Running that for a bit with no bite at all, I started working my way in. We then set up in about 115 feet of water with the kite up and bottom fishing on the opposite side. They picked at the bottom and I worked the kite baits. Dirty water and at one point the drift was south then changing to the north. We picked up a couple kings and a few snapper on the drift. The kite however (doesn’t happen often) got not a look or even a bite. We started out with 8 livies and ended up with 8 livies. Come to find out the bite and cleaner water was in between Stuart and Jupiter. Every good run eventually has an end. The good news is that there’s a good beginning around the corner. I can’t just post the good, it’s fishing, as you know there are bad days, here’s one. Thanks for taking time. “Tight Lines” Capt. George

Sailing from Marina 3 times daily, 7 AM, 12 PM, and 5 PM. We offer 4 hour charters, private charters for 8 and 4 hours, live bait available upon request

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