February Fishing Report, 2018, By Greg Longhurst and Capt. George. Mad Son Fishing

by Scott | 23 February, 2018 5:59pm

Fishing Report February 16, 2018

Pretty much everything came together for this trip. We had beautiful weather, with temps starting in the 60’s, gradually getting into the 80’s, calm seas, very slight breeze, and a dark moon last night. I was joined on this trip by Dale, Jimmy Lee, Captain Charlie, & his friend from Maryland, Mike. Simon was scheduled, but ended up working until the wee hours, & was just too ragged out to go. He did, however, go on line & pay, telling me he would submit the bill to his employer.

George took us out & a bit north to set up the first drift in about 80 feet. There was very little current, & we eventually all switched over to chicken rigs. There were a few fish caught in close, but most were undesirables like squirrel fish. George decided, because of the lack of current, to try deeper water. We fished most of the rest of the trip in 200 to 210 feet. We ended up catching a variety of fish we have never caught before, and not just one or two. We probably caught & released 30 Blackfin Snappers, known in the Bahamas as Button snappers. They have a black spot at the base of the pectoral fin. All were released because none reached the 12″ required minimum length. The Fish Rules App on our phones cleared that up quickly. That, by the way, is a handy App. As the phone moves around the country, so does the App & the proper regulations. This is nice to have here in Florida, where size & quantity limits can be different on the two coasts.

Jimmy Lee very nearly caught the bragging fish of the day. He hooked a keeper mutton, battled it for a minute, then battled a shark for five minutes, then reeled in a big snapper head.
The five of us ended up with 27 fish. There was one porgy, one white margate, and a nice mix of Lane, yellowtail, mangrove & vermilion snappers. Everybody went home with supper.

A big thank you! goes out to Captain George & James for finding the fish & keeping the baits ready. The next exciting deep-sea adventure will be next Friday morning. There are still a couple of spots open for that one. If you are interested, contact me or the boat.

The wind has been a real pain in the last couple of months, this month for sure. When it’s fishable, the bottom bight is hit or miss, with an abundant of bottom dwellers one day and barely enough for dinner the next. Kingfish seem to be available daily, have to move around to find the schools, pay attention to the current, you’ll find them. Sailfish and dolphin have been scattered, better when it’s a bit choppy than when calm, but they are here as well. Starting to see some cobia over the reefs, still short but it’s nice to see, it’s getting to be that time to keep a cobia jig and jig rod handy, i hope we have a good season this year. Well, let’s prey that the weather is more favorable in the up coming weeks. It’s not the size of the waves that are keeping us in it’s the duration, on a 5 foot wave there is a 5 second duration, that means it takes 5 seconds to go from the top of one wave to the top of another, makes for a very violent drift, dangerous to some without “sea legs”, then there’s that occasional 8 footer that’s narrow and steep with no back that picks up the boat and slams it down. Makes for a unpleasant trip, so we are hoping the sea condition changes here soon. Thanks for taking time, Capt. George, Mad Son Fishing Charters, West Palm Beach

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