Fishing Report, “In Depth” By Greg Longhurst, Weekend 0f December 3rd, 2017

by Scott | 5 December, 2017 9:11pm

Fishing Report December 1 & 2, 2017

My friends John & Janis were in town from Annapolis for a very short trip, so we decide to fish both Friday & Saturday. This is not something John or I have ever wanted to do before; we are both getting a little long in the tooth for that, but we survived. On Friday’s trip, we were joined by a couple from Michigan, Alan & Mary. Simon was going to join us as well, but got called in to work at the last minute.

The boat was crewed by Captain George & young James. We went out the inlet, ran a little north, & set up the first drift in about 130 feet or so. We caught a couple of yellowtail snappers early. After about fifteen minutes, I pitched out a whole bait on my spinner. It was not hit immediately, but within a a couple of minutes, a dolphin jumped, hooked on my spinner. It managed to throw the hook, but the school was near the boat attracted by the chum. James pitched out a bait on a boat spinner, got hooked up, & passed the rod to Janis. She kept the fish near the boat for ten minutes or so, hoping we might catch more out of the school, but we did not. That dolphin went on ice.

We picked away at the snappers, getting ‘tails, mangroves, lanes & vermilions. Janis caught a nice banded rudderfish, and Alan caught the only keeper grouper of the trip, a red that was 1/2″ over the minimum. Late in the trip, my spinner got hit again, and I managed to put a dolphin on ice.

After the trip, John, Janis, Captain George & I had a very nice lunch & perhaps a libation at Frigate’s.

This was a very enjoyable trip, & produced plenty of fish for everyone. Thanks to George & James for jobs well done.

On Saturday’s trip, we were joined by Captain Charlie, his wife Debbie, & Jimmy Lee. Same crew. We fished the same general area plus some spots further north, anywhere from 85 to 130 feet. The bottom bite was even better than it had been Friday, and, while we did not manage to catch any mahi or grouper, we took home more fish.

We were bothered for the first half of the trip by sharks. We lost several fish to them, and some terminal tackle as well. We slayed the snapper. We caught yellowtails, lanes, mangroves, vermilions, & I even caught a keeper mutton snapper. Janis even added a nice keeper kingfish toward the end of the trip. At one point, I brought up two fish on a single 4/0 circle hook. That is not often done.

Again, George & James did great jobs of finding fish, getting them off the hooks, & keeping the hooks baited. The next exciting deep-sea adventure will be Friday. ~~Greg~~

Sunday the water was still blue and the fish were jumping in the boat still. Monday, however, the water turned from blue to green in an hours time, and our weekend numbers of 30 to 40 went down to (still good numbers) 20 to 25 keepers. Have been some dolphin and kings around. We are looking forward to the weather change to stir things up a bit next weekend!! Thanks for taking time, “Tight Lines” Capt. George

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