Fishing Report. Weekend of Nov. 24, 2017. Off Palm Beach Inlet. By Greg L. & Capt. George

by Scott | 28 November, 2017 10:33pm

Fishing Report November 24, 2017

This was a fun trip that included Raman, Dale, George’s very significant other Kim, and his niece, Kayla. The crew was Captain George & James. We went out & north a bit before setting up in about a hundred feet of water. I almost immediately put a keeper yellowtail snapper on ice.

The girls caught their share of the fish, and more. At one point, Kim dropped a bait down & it was grabbed on the way down by a ten pound dolphin. It jumped a couple of times before she did a fine job of bringing it to gaff.

I hooked up to three nice fish that managed to escape. The first, & largest, broke the line, the second, also a beast, got off the hook, same as the third one. I had control of all 3, but we have to call all of them USO’s. Unidentified Swimming Objects. I finally did, after that, and after releasing several short muttons & a baby red grouper, catch a keeper mutton snapper, my first in quite awhile.

Dale caught a nice kingfish of about 7 pounds or so. He & I will both smoke some of it this weekend.

The weather was beautiful, with seas around 2 feet, temps maxing in the low 80’s, and a nice breeze. A flock of about a dozen or so Gannets were heading south, flying low, between us & the coast at one point.

At the dock, George was kind enough to give Dale & I half of one of the dolphin fillets. Raman was offered fish, but declined. He will catch some keepers on his next trip.

Thanks to Captain George & James for finding the fish, gaffing the fish, & keeping the baits ready. The next exciting deep sea adventure will be Friday morning, then again on Saturday morning. Chances are I will double report those trips. ~~Greg~~

The weekend…

Over the past weekend, the water off of Palm Beach Inlet was less than “Good” meaning we had a cold water upwelling, green water and tough drift fishing. I heard that the surrounding areas Jupiter and north had better quality water and a better bite. We did end up with quality not quantity however, with some nice groupers, including a black, quite a few short Cobia’s, and a nice dolphin, some kingfish and yellowtails were in the mix as well. We shall see is the water quality gets better over the next week so we can get some great fishing in. “Tight Lines” Thanks for taking time… Capt. George

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